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HORN is a virtual organization committed to create opportunities for learning and development through inter-professional practice and collaboration with local, regional and international organizations.




Our name reflects the purpose of the institute; in ancient times, the word “horn” is often used symbolically to signify power and honor. In the same way, Horn International Institute for is a place where individuals and group of employees are educated to become powerful, honored and ethical citizens. Horn is a simple instrument made from the horn of an animal that makes a sound or an object in a car or other vehicle that makes a loud warning voice. Similarly, Horn International Institute combines primary research and practical expertise to generate ideas in order to aware, support and enrich managers and leaders for organizational effectiveness.




HORN aspires to be acknowledged as a center of excellence globally in the field of training, consultancy and education by rendering need based services. HORN is the sole private tuition free Career Diploma Program provider within the region of Eastern Africa providing two term nominal payments (Enrolment and Graduation Fee). HORN is committed to democratize higher education seeing education as a right for individuals who are interested in education.


We implement our vision by being a cause to individual’s development through internship and voluntary service programs. Whenever its members develop their own personal plan to make some income HORN approves their effort providing their initiative is professionally ethical, socially acceptable, academically credible and legally legitimate. The following are the main activities:


  • Delivering Career Diploma Programs
  • Assisting Action Learning students from project inception to implementation in order to take action based on what they have learned. And this opportunity will help Action Learning students to build effective relationship and constructive network, to act as research practitioners and to enhance their professional development which is the central part of Action Learning.


  • Promoting internship programs in various ways for different purpose in accordance to its vision and mission considering individuals and organizational needs.


  • Practicing both employee-led and employer-led volunteering programs in which volunteers are encouraged to work in their own time without remuneration to support their community and/or to enhance their personal development.


  • Providing special graduate programs in assistance with renowned educational institutions


  • Providing consultancy services 




Prior to the industrial revolution, education has an emphasis on learning, preparation for leadership excellence and personal success. In today’s competitive world the intended purpose of education is altered to ensure graduates employability, higher pay and career development. In spite of its intended purpose, some scholars insist that Education should be a right instead of a privilege. We strongly believe that education is a right for those who have been dreaming to learn; to become skilled so as to serve their community effectively and efficiently; and for those who aspire to develop their career and social status as well. At the same time, it should be an opportunity created by educated and wealthy people in favor of uncivilized and impoverished people.


The purpose and meaning of education is different according to the architect. The politician designs education in the way he wants to shape his own citizens. From the economist point of view, education serves individuals to acquire job opportunity and to train employees at workplace to ensure efficiency. For the religious person education serves to promote and defend church doctrine. And so forth for the historian, anthropologist, sociologist and existentialist… in this case the yearning desire of the client is in question.





  • We value credentials, qualification and skills of our academic faculty
  • We value the significance of programmed knowledge to begin with and to come into the limitless learning resources
  • We value time spent and credit earned as well as competency and performance skills to award degrees
  • We value the need for group formation to enhance peer learning
  • We value the mastery of course content and prior experiential learning to honor continuous professional development
  • We prepare lifelong learners who are confident and capable to meet their needs
  • We make great effort to keep the balance between our personal interest and client’s interest




  • To provide quality and affordable education irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity and religion.
  • To democratize higher education through academic and experiential learning
  • To deliver internationally recognized educational certificates
  • To aware and support organizations in order to ensure effective utilization of resources and to maximize productivity


 The abovementioned goals can be achieved by:


  • Identifying individuals, groups and organizational needs
  • Developing common interest to meet their needs
  • Teaching various schools of thought and their historical development
  • Reviewing books, periodicals, journals etc
  • Advancing peer learning through social media
  • Ongoing follow up to motivate students to master the course content
  • Fostering local, regional and international cooperation and partnership
  • Creating a platform to share knowledge and experience
  • Ensuring the commitment of the leadership and staff towards the vision and mission of the institute



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