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Opportunity for Action Learning Students


Opportunity for Action Learning Students


One of our staff has shared us his experience as an action learning student at Business School Netherlands. The MBA program is carrying out through Action Learning Didactical Methodology, where students are expected to perform six action learning projects (Alps). Students start to perform the Alps after completing organizational analysis of their respected organization and prior to the final dissertation paper. As such, the entire MBA program is categorized into three stages and the six Alps constitutes the second stage of the program.


Our staff has had a strong desire for success. Yet, he was panic because he was not quite sure if he is competent or not to grasp the nature and procedures of the teaching methodology. Even though he found the program very impressive, he was challenged to reflect on his Alps and to take action based on what he has learned. This is due to the fact that action learning didactical methodology requires careful implementation of the Alps. By then, he realized that implementation is more difficult than decision making because it needs cooperation of various parties both inside and outside of the organization. Moreover, according to the McKinsey 7-S framework, if one element of the framework i.e. strategy, structure, systems, skills, staff, style and subordinate goals need to be changed the rest are subject to change (Johnson, Whittington and Scholes, 2011).  This makes the implementation part of the Alps more complicated.


Speaking from his experience, he said that the outcome of the Alp can be inadequate, if the enterprise is highly centralized because the student might be restricted to delineate the implementation process which causes the Alp to be idealistic. However, in principle Action Learning is get used to solve a real problem. Thus, students need to find out the right organization that promotes Action Learning in its comprehensive form, where they can practice change and implement solutions for further improvement. Bearing in mind his challenges and the developments he acquired, he insisted us to launch a golden opportunity for Action Learning students that solely serve them to implement their creative idea. We testify that he benefited from HORN a lot, and we concluded that HORN is the right place for Action Learning students.


If you want to acquire knowledge and develop problem solving skills, to possess a depth understanding of the specific subject matter, facilitate personal development, develop higher-order cognitive skill and a wide range of skills in team working, critical analysis and interpersonal communication (Fry, Ketteridge & Marshall, 2009). This means that HORN will assist Action Learning students from project inception to implementation in order to reflect on their Alps and to take action based on what they have learned. And this opportunity will help Action Learning students to build effective relationship and constructive network with members of HORN that enables them to improve their knowledge and skills enormously. If students choose HORN, they will act as research practitioners, which is the central part of Action Learning. As Action Learning students, this opportunity is applicable, if you love the idea of making a positive impact on real world situation thereby to enhance your professional development. Our staff learned a lot throughout the second stage of the MBA program when he dedicated the Alps to the betterment of the institute. He said that he had a chance to connect learning and practice, where he maximized his “aha” moments. If you selected HORN to serve you as a platform, you will be able to:


  • build a strong network to embark your career path
  • learn a new culture and work value considering HORN as your ideal employer
  • work with a diverse group of people
  • connect your short-term educational objectives with long-term career goals
  • practice the newly acquired knowledge and skills



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