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Opportunity for Internship  


Internship is traced back the Middle Age, and nowadays it is becoming popular method to translate the theoretical concepts learned at educational institutions to practical world (Radigan, 2009). Internship is evaluated as a win-win-win scenario for learners, educational institutions and organizations (ibid).


For the student internship may serve as an employment opportunity with a better salary (Verney, Holoviak & Winter, 2009 as cited in Radigan, 2009); the more students participated in internship program the more they improve their time management and communication skills, higher levels of self-discipline, increased initiative and self-image concepts (ibid), computer applications, creative thinking, job interviewing, networking, and relationship building (Gault, Redington, & Schlager, 2000 as cited in Radigan, 2009); those who participated in internship program are found to be more prepared for job than students without internship experience (Coco, 2000 as cited in Radigan, 2009).


For educational institutions internship serves as an effective marketing tool (Verney, Holoviak & Winter, 2009 as cited in Radigan, 2009). Internship is gaining ground in higher education (Hergert, 2009) including business schools, they consider internship program as part and parcel of their curriculum because it helps them to relate theory with practice in a real world (Maskooki, Rama, and Raghunanda, 1998; and Rothman, 2007 as cited in Hergert, 2009). American business schools are characterized by promoting internship programs; and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) has been recommended business school to practice internship program to connect their academic program with real business (Hergert, 2009).


For organizations it minimizes recruitment expenses (Verney, Holoviak & Winter, 2009 as cited in Radigan, 2009); interns may assist permanent employees to get spare time (Coco, 2000 as cited in Radigan, 2009). Where there is scarcity of jobs, while organizations are flooded in getting job applications, HR professionals emphasize on getting experienced employee and someone who is familiar with organization’s day-to-day activity, knowledgeable person how the enterprise undertakes its objectives and someone who is well informed what employees have been doing there (WetFeet, 2005a).  Generally speaking, internship may be one of the best means to come across organizational culture and particularly to obtain the required experience (ibid).


At HORN, internship is practiced in various ways for different purpose according to individuals and organizational needs. Why don’t you contact us we are ready to meet and exceed your expectations?

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