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Employees are not necessarily hired to earn financial income but also they may be recruited for the sake of different purpose or to attain a specific goal which is far more beyond financial income (Yudhvir and Sunita, 2012). This is to say that organizations can recruit volunteers when volunteers approach organizations with their own agenda and organizations can give a proper response if the volunteer’s agenda fits to the overall organizational goals. Volunteers have been working to perform different duties in various organizations with different experiences and skills representing a very diverse ages and backgrounds (Bussell & Forbes, 2002). Voluntary service is not a new idea (Bussell & Forbes, 2002); it is deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian culture (Brinckerhoff, 2000). In UK volunteerism covers a significant part of the economy estimated around £40 billion assets with annual spending of almost £11 billion (Palmer & Hoe, 1997 as cited in Bussell & Forbes, 2002). Studies have shown that volunteerism is renowned in the US (Starnes & Wymer, 1999 as cited in Bussell & Forbes, 2002).


Peter Drucker one of the contemporary management and leadership guru underlined that volunteers can contribute to improve the lives of community, and he further consulted organizations to utilize voluntary service because more than 50 % of Americans spent minimum four hours a week in a voluntary service regardless of the nature and purpose of the service. That is why he underlined that organizations should know how to attract and retain volunteers since their satisfaction is solely based on responsibility and accomplishment instead of salary (Drucker, 2003). In resource constrained organizations volunteers play a very significant role towards the attainment of organizational goals and it enables organizations to be positioned in a strategic location (Rehnborg, Bailey & Moore, 2009). Organizations with sound volunteer programs have been attracting young employees; that is why organizations are engaged in creating volunteer programs to enhance community involvement (Points of Light Foundation, 2006). Volunteers are accountable, community-led, consultative, democratic, informal, innovative, motivation-based, pluralistic, responsible and volunteer-led, yet how the volunteer perceives in his mind the management style has a paramount importance (Moreton, 2006).


At HORN, the structure is designed to encourage the volunteer participation of global citizens because organizational structure has a direct impact in productivity, efficiency, morale and job satisfaction of the participants (Mullins, 2005). Our guiding principle is simple that makes you excited which includes orientation, vision and mission, and job description, that helps you to aware your role and what the organization is expecting from you. HORN practices both employee-led and employer-led volunteering programs; the former calls the volunteer to work in his own time, unpaid, encouraged and supported by the employer but not compulsory; the latter serves as a personal development tool for the volunteer (Bussell & Forbes, 2002). Thus, HORN wants to know the driving force that initiated you to work as volunteer in order to create a favorable atmosphere for volunteer engagement and to develop strategy that enables to exploit opportunities, maximize your contribution and to reduce the problems that might encounter you during your stay at HORN.



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